Boris Johnson’s private number for 15 years was available online

Boris Johnson's private number for 15 years was available online

Top officials have already advised Johnson to finally change the phone number.

The contact mobile phone number of Boris Johnson, the head of the government of the United Kingdom, has been available on the Internet to everyone for the past 15 years. On Friday, April 30, writes the BBC.

Johnson’s mobile phone number was reportedly listed at the bottom of a press release issued in 2006, during his time as head of the shadow Ministry of Higher Education.

“This document with the same phone number is still available on the Internet today,” the agency reports.

Senior British officials have already advised the head of government to change the number, as there are concerns that he “can be contacted directly by anyone who is not lazy.”

In turn, the Prime Minister’s office declined to comment on a report published on the Popbitch website, indicating that Johnson’s phone number is available online to anyone who searched for it.

After the information was distributed, the number was turned off, but representatives of the Prime Minister have not yet said whether it will be used in the future.

Former British National Adviser Peter Ricketts suggested that hostile states with advanced cyber technologies or criminal groups may already have access to Johnson’s number.

Earlier it was reported that the British TV company Sky will shoot a five-part drama This Majestic Island (This Sceptred Isle), which will display the reaction of the British government to the caused by the coronavirus in 2020.

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