Bird flu outbreak recorded in Belgium

An outbreak of highly pathogenic H5N5 avian influenza has been reported on a poultry farm in near the border with France. This was announced on Friday by the RTL TV channel.

He noted that the disease was found on a farm in the village of Menen in the west of the country. It killed 600 birds, 151 thousand birds were killed to prevent the spread of the disease. Avian influenza can be transmitted to humans, the danger is posed by various mutations of the virus.

The H5N8 strain has also been found in wild birds in Norway, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority said Friday.

“Avian influenza is found in the wild short-billed bean goose in the commune of Sannes, Rogaland county. It is primarily a danger to birds as it is highly infectious. The transmission of influenza from wild birds to birds on poultry farms can have very serious consequences for farms,” — the message says,

“The risk of infection for humans is assessed as very low,” the ministry added, indicating that it was the H5N8 strain.

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