Berlin has tightened quarantine restrictions due to coronavirus

German authorities called on the Germans to limit social contacts — to meet simultaneously a maximum of five people or two families.

The Senate of Berlin decided to tighten restrictions against the background of an increase in  patients. This is reported by the newspaper Berliner Morgenpost.

According to the decision of the authorities, it is about closing stores, bars, restaurants, and clubs at night, as well as limiting the number of visitors to private events.

Thus, for stores, bars, restaurants, and clubs will be introduced a night curfew, which will operate from 23.00 to 06.00.

Restrictions on the attendance of private celebrations indoors will also be introduced. Thus, the number of visitors is reduced from 25 to 10 people. In this case, from 23.00 to 06.00 will be allowed to gather groups of up to five people, including outdoors.

The new measures will come into force from 00.00 on October 10 and will be valid until October 31.

Recall also that the Berlin authorities have obliged people to wear at large demonstrations.

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