Bangladesh has opened the largest solar power plant on the roof

Bangladesh has opened the largest solar power plant on the roof

The country is trying to use the available as economically as possible but is set up for an active green transition

The opening ceremony of the largest rooftop solar installation in Chittagong with a cost of $16 million and a capacity of 16 MW was held in Bangladesh. In the future, the plant’s capacity will be increased to 40 MW. This should encourage other enterprises to create green energy projects.

The Government of the country now plans that by 2041, 40% of the country’s electricity will come from renewable sources.

According to TBS news, the power plant in Chittagong will be connected to the national grid.

The construction of rooftop solar power plants is one of the few ways to develop green energy in Bangladesh. The fact is that there is not enough free in this country for the construction of ground-based solar stations. Wind and tidal power plants will also play a big role in achieving the government’s 2041 target.

At the same time, the largest solar installation has been opened in the Korean export zone of Bangladesh. This is not the only Korean initiative to develop green energy outside of their country. It is already known that will give $5 million for renewable energy in developing countries.

However, other Asian countries are increasingly joining the green exchange rate. For example, the and Japan have created a green alliance and will cooperate in the hydrogen energy sector.

And has opened the first green technology trade center. The national project was launched in the industrial province of Zhejiang. It should help the development of green energy.

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