Austrian Chancellor calls for early approval of Sputnik V in Europe

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has called on the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to allow the Russian Sputnik V to enter the European Union (EU) market as soon as possible. He said this on the air of the TV channel Oe 24.

“With regard to Sputnik V and other vaccines, I strongly insist that the responsible agency in Europe should register all vaccines that are safe as soon as possible,” Kurz said. According to him, the more vaccines, the better. The prime minister added that he is ready to use the drug in the country, provided it is safe.

He added that he believes it is quite possible to get a “Satellite V” for use in the country.

In February, the Austrian authorities began to think about the production of the Russian against  “Sputnik V” at their own production facilities after a corresponding request from the Russian side.

Earlier, Kurz said that he would be ready to be vaccinated with the Russian Sputnik V and the Chinese drug if they are approved in the European Union. He also added that in this case, Austria will be ready to organize the production of these drugs in the country. According to the Chancellor, in the issue of vaccination, efficiency, safety, and accessibility should be at the forefront, not politics.

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