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At the EU summit, a scandal broke out over the Hungarian law on gay propaganda

At the EU summit, a scandal broke out over the Hungarian law on gay propaganda

The leaders of the countries have sharply criticized the law adopted in Hungary banning “gay propaganda”. “This time everything has gone too far, “Orban” crossed the red line, “ they said at the summit.

The leaders of a number of countries during the summit attacked the head of the Hungarian government, Viktor Orban, with sharp criticism. The reason was the controversial law recently adopted by the Hungarian parliament banning “propaganda of homosexuality”.

During a two-hour, “at times emotional” debate on the Hungarian prime minister, which took place on June 24, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte even questioned Hungary’s membership in the European Union. “This time everything has gone too far,” Rutte said, according to sources in EU diplomatic circles. Rutte called on Orban to follow the example of the and initiate the procedure for leaving the community in accordance with article 50 of the EU Treaty if Hungary does not intend to respect European values.

Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, who is himself a homosexual and has been living with his partner since 2015, reacted particularly sharply. “You crossed the red line,” he said, according to eyewitnesses, to Orban. “This is not the Europe I want to live in.”

The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, recalled in this regard that “ such values as freedom, tolerance, and human dignity are fundamental for the European Union.”

German Chancellor earlier called the law adopted in Hungary “wrong”, since it, among other things, restricts “freedom of education”. The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, defined it with the word “shame”.

Viktor Orban himself at the summit refused to withdraw the law banning “advertising of homo — and transsexuality”. He said that the new resolution adopted by the Hungarian parliament about ten days ago is not at all directed against homosexuals. The law, according to Orban, only gives parents “ the exclusive right to sex education of their children.”

The law banning “gay propaganda” was supported by deputies from Orban’s party

On June 15, the Hungarian parliament approved a law that prohibits the distribution of books, films, educational literature, as well as “advertising” materials that “promote” homosexuality and relate to issues related to gender identity to people under the age of 18. The bill was overwhelmingly supported by deputies from the ruling FIDESZ — Hungarian Civil Union party, chaired by Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

The amendments were part of a broader package dedicated to tougher penalties for pedophilia, which critics saw as a desire by the authorities to equate homosexuality with sexual crimes against children. Orban himself, in an interview with the DPA agency, said that the changes are designed to protect minors.

Thousands of people protested

On the eve of the vote, thousands of people protested in Budapest. Five non-governmental organizations, including Amnesty International, criticized the law: in their opinion, it will lead to both violations of freedom of speech and restrictions on the rights of children. The FIDESZ party, human rights activists say, “ copies dictatorial models that are directed against European values.”

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