AstraZeneca commented on the European Commission lawsuit

AstraZeneca commented on the European Commission lawsuit

AstraZeneca believes that it fulfills all contractual obligations in full and plans to supply 50 million doses of COVID vaccine to the EU by the end of April.

The British-Swedish company AstraZeneca intends to challenge in court the claim of the European Commission caused by the failure to deliver the vaccine against coronavirus. The company believes it is fulfilling its obligations in full, the pharmaceutical company said in a statement.

“AstraZeneca is in full compliance with its pre-order agreement for the vaccine with the European Commission and will strictly defend its position in court. We believe that the litigation is without merit. At the same time we hope to use the current circumstances to resolve this dispute as soon as possible, “- stressed the company.

AstraZeneca also added that according to the plan almost 50 million doses of COVID vaccine will be supplied to European countries by May.

We shall remind you that on April 26 the European Commission announced that it had filed a lawsuit against AstraZeneca for failure to fulfill the contract for the supply of vaccines against COVID-19. This step was supported by all 27 EU countries.

Meanwhile, the EU has voiced conditions for tourism in Europe. Travelers vaccinated with coronavirus vaccines approved by the European regulator EMA will be able to travel to all EU countries.

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