Apple’s electric car release date announced

Apple plans to create its own electric car by 2024 but may move the deadline by a year due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is reported by Reuters with reference to informed sources.

The cars of the Titan project, launched by the company back in 2014, will feature a new “breakthrough” battery technology. The agency’s interlocutors argue that the new battery design could “radically” reduce the cost of batteries and increase the vehicle’s range. According to the source, Apple is trying to improve the technology of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

One source also says the company is gearing up to showcase the next level of technology: “Like the first time you saw an iPhone,” he compared. Presumably, after the launch of the conveyor, the company’s plant will produce more than 100 thousand electric vehicles per year.

It is noted that a step forward for the project was the return in 2018 of Apple veteran Doug Field, who previously worked at Tesla Inc.

On December 21, it was reported that Apple may present its own electric car as early as next year. An Economic Daily source noted that Taiwanese manufacturers (Heda, BizLink-KY, Heqin, and Tomita) are set to ramp up production of electric vehicle components in the second quarter of 2021. According to preliminary data, these companies will become suppliers of parts for Apple Car.

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