Apple patented the Touch Bar with force recognition

Last year Apple gave up displays with 3D Touch technology in the iPhone 11 line. This year, Force Touch was lost from the Apple Watch Series 6, and in all previous watches, it was turned off programmatically. Does this mean that we won’t see Force Touch recognition in Apple products anymore?

Aside from the displays, Force Touch technology is used in AirPods Pro headphones to control playback, as well as in MacBook trackpads of 2015 and newer. It seems that the trackpad is being pressed, but in fact, the vibrating motors create the illusion of being pressed.

It looks like Apple is not going to give up technology. The U.S. Patent Office has published schematic images of a new patent that describes the Touch Bar in MacBook with Force Touch technology.

Why? I don’t understand. It may be necessary to prevent accidental pressure on the buttons in the Touch Bar display, and then you’ll have to press them with force. According to a recent report by analyst Min-Chi Kuo, next year Apple will introduce new MacBooks that feature patented technology. We’re expecting a big update.

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