Apple is missing parts for iPhone 12

Apple is missing parts for iPhone 12

Apple is in a short supply of the power management chips found in the iPhone 12 and a number of other electronic devices. If the situation does not improve, the brand may not be able to keep up with the increased demand for the new line, which is expected during the New Year holidays.

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Power management chip companies that distribute power consumption across electronic devices are not keeping up with the demand for this important detail, Bloomberg reports, citing sources familiar with the situation. One of the brands that could suffer from the shortage of such chips is Apple. Cupertinians recently introduced the world to a new line of smartphones iPhone 12.

According to sources, if the shortage of microcircuits cannot be eliminated, then the “apple” may not be able to cope with the increased demand for its new gadgets during the New Year holidays.

At the same time, according to Bloomberg, manufacturers of power management chips are trying to fulfill Apple’s orders in the first place, giving the company priority over other brands.

It is known that Apple buys power consumption chips from several partners at once. The iPhone 12 Pro has a chip from Texas Instruments Inc. to control the energy in the camera system, and apart from STMicroelectronics NV and Qualcomm for the 5G modem. In addition, the device has a chip of its own production by Apple – for this in 2018 the company acquired the assets of Dialog Semiconductor Plc for $ 600 million.

Among the reasons for the shortage of components for smartphones is the increased demand for silicon and supply disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

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According to chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., smartphones with 5G support, which are currently produced by almost all major vendors in the world, require 30-40% more components than gadgets with fourth-generation communications. This led to the fact that some electronics manufacturers began to stock up on components for future use, fearing a shortage.

Experts say supply and production problems for gadget parts will persist for at least two more quarters as the electronics industry is still recovering from quarantine measures and lockdowns around the world.

It is known that power management chips are more important for the iPhone 12 than for the previous generation smartphones from Apple, as the new gadget adds additional camera functions and support for 5G. During a recent conference call with analysts, CEO Tim Cook warned that the iPhone 12, Mac, iPad, and some Apple Watch models may face a component shortage, but did not indicate that these are energy-saving chips.

This situation “is not a surprise to Apple,” as the company has begun ramping up its production, Cook said.

At the same time, he added that he does not know when the supply interruptions will end, as it is “difficult to predict.”

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