Apple has sold two billion iPhones

Apple has sold two billion iPhones

Apple has reached the mark of two billion smartphones sold. This is reported by the publication 9to5mac.

The journalists refer to the calculations of the analyst of the agency Azimco Horace Deidu. Deidu said that the American corporation sold a two-billion-dollar iPhone just the other day. The expert noted that Apple does not advertise this information. “When the numbers become so large, there is a decrease in sensitivity,” Deidu noted and stressed that talking about two billion smartphones is not as interesting as reporting about a billion-dollar device sold.

The analyst drew attention to the fact that Apple has kept the initial cost of the iPhone in the region of $400 for many years, but now the price range for the devices is wider than ever. The author noted that the sales growth is due to profitable lending programs and trade-ins, and retail traffic is growing due to the weakening of coronavirus restrictions in many regions.

In conclusion, Horace Deidu noted that the iPhone is the most popular smartphone on the secondary market, which the specialist explained by the high quality and demand for the device.

In October 2020, analyst Neil Cybart said that Apple has sold one billion iPhones. “13 years after the launch, the iPhone remains the most popular and best-selling smartphone,” the expert noted.

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