Apple accused Facebook management of wanting to “collect as much data as possible” about users

In response, Facebook said Apple is distracting everyone from its own privacy concerns.

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Apple responded to a letter from human rights and privacy organizations that were frustrated with the postponement of the introduction of the transparency feature to 2021 — it allows users to know when they want to track their actions. Writes about this 9to5mac.

The company said it has delayed the implementation of App Tracking Transparency (ATT) to give developers time to update applications and data processing methods. “We remain fully committed to our approach to protecting privacy,” the letter said. Apple said it also worries about tracking users without their consent, and aggregating and reselling data by ad networks.

All too often, information about you is collected on an app or website owned by one company and combined with information collected separately by other companies to target advertising and measure ads.

We are not against advertising, we just believe that tracking should be transparent and controlled by the user — this will build their trust, which will benefit everyone.


Apple recalled that some companies have complained that the introduction of ATT will affect small businesses. “But in reality, the current race to collect data primarily benefits large companies with large data sets,” the letter said. Apple announced its strict privacy policy and accused Facebook of collecting Internet activity data to target ads.

Facebook executives have made it clear that they intend to collect as much data as possible about both their own and third-party products to develop and monetize detailed user profiles, and this disregard for user privacy continues to expand to include more of their products.

In response, Facebook accused Apple of trying to distract users from its own privacy concerns. The company recalled that Apple violated user privacy: in January 2019, it became known about a software bug in FaceTime, which allowed you to see and hear the interlocutor before he answered the call.

They [at Apple] use their dominant position in the market to prioritize their own data collection, while their competitors can hardly use the same data. They claim that it is about confidentiality, but it is about profit.

Apple first announced an update to its privacy settings in June at WWDC 2020. In August, Facebook complained about the user tracking restrictions in iOS 14 and said it would reduce ad performance as the new settings prevent users from tracking users on third-party apps and websites.

On December 8, Apple will introduce “Privacy Labels” in app stores — they will display data that developers collect for advertising, analytics, and product personalization.

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