Anti-ban abortion demonstrations take place in Warsaw again

For a month now, residents of Warsaw and other cities in Poland have come out to anti-government demonstrations against the ban on abortion.

A crowd with symbols of protests and banners gathered outside the parliament building in Warsaw. The area around the Seim and the Senate is surrounded by metal fences, reinforced police units are on duty. Law enforcement officers check documents and conduct pinpoint arrests.

The Seim on Wednesday began a two-day session at which a new draft law on termination of pregnancy in case of a lethal fetal pathology is considered, proposed after an outbreak of public outrage over the October 22 Constitutional Court’s decision that abortion due to fetal pathology is contrary to the country’s Constitution. Protesters see this law not as a compromise, but as a new ban.

In addition, the protesters’ dissatisfaction is also caused by the government’s activities in the fight against coronavirus. They consider the measures taken to be insufficient, and the support of entrepreneurs is insignificant. Representatives of sectors of the economy affected by the restrictions are joining the protesters due to the restriction of the right to abortion.

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