Another EU country plans to buy a Russian vaccine

The Croatian authorities are negotiating the purchase of a consignment of the Russian drug Sputnik V, which is not registered in the EU.

Croatia became the third country that became interested in the Russian vaccine Sputnik V despite the lack of registration of the drug in the territory of the Commonwealth. Now the country’s authorities are negotiating a purchase, Bloomberg reports.

Croatian Health Minister Vili Beros told reporters that his country has requested documentation of the vaccine production for submission to the local regulatory authority, according to the agency.

Vili Beros noted that the approval of the local regulatory body will be enough for the government to continue purchasing the vaccine.

“This is not a sign of distancing from procedures, but a desire for an additional approach that must comply with European and Croatian norms,” Beros said.

Earlier, the media reported that Croatia is preparing to purchase from 1 million doses of the Russian vaccine in the coming weeks, without waiting for permission from the European regulator.

Earlier it was reported that the government of Slovakia is threatened with resignation after purchasing the Russian vaccine. Recall that Slovakia became the second country in the after Hungary, which bought the Russian drug Sputnik V, despite the fact that it is not registered in the EU.

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