America’s Cup scandal. Chile national team is credited with a party with prostitutes

America's Cup scandal. Chile national team is credited with a party with prostitutes

In any other situation, violations of the regime by the players of the Chilean national team would be perceived as problems with team discipline. However, the pandemic has increased the degree of the several times. And it is not only about the health of those who violated the anti-COVID regulations, but also about the moral aspects.

The fact is that all the protests against the holding of the Copa America in Brazil were reduced to the most difficult epidemiological situation. Recently, the country has overcome the terrible milestone of 500 thousand deaths from coronavirus. At the matches of the Brazilian Championship, which always begin with a minute of silence, special ceremonies were held on this occasion. And the topic is so painful that the fans got the Palmeiras player Lucas Lima, who went on a spree at an underground party.

Copa America is also under the gun, and Brazil is counting the number of cases. It is clear that the overall statistics were seriously damaged by the Venezuelan national team, which actually brought the virus with them, but still, more than fifty players infected after the first round, representatives of national team delegations, and employees of the hotels hosting the tournament-this is quite a lot.

And all this-with strict security measures. Neither total vaccination, nor buses and charters assigned to each team, which are regularly disinfected, save you. So the antics of the Chileans who broke the “bubble” caused general outrage. And already the first part of the adventures of the representatives of “La Roja” looked idiotic.

The Chilean stars suddenly decided that it was time to clean up, and on the eve of the match with Peru, they organized a visit to the closed barbera hotel. Everything could be done quietly, but there were both photos and videos of what was happening on the network. They didn’t even have to look for the regime violators when the faces of Arturo Vidal and Gary Medel shone in the frame, even if they were hidden by medical masks.

Naturally, CONMEBOL immediately launched an investigation, and all those guilty are waiting for monetary fines. But that was just the beginning.

Were there any girls?

On Sunday, late in the evening, the information space blew up a message about a much more serious violation of the regulations — an alleged party with an invitation to women with a low level of social responsibility. At the same time, different sources cited a different composition of violators of discipline. Both the names of the players and the number of participants in the spree varied — according to different versions, there were from three to seven of them. In the end, they agreed on the following surnames: Vidal, Medel, Brereton, Aranis, Vargas, and Marian. Then they added Menezes and Galdamez.

In addition, it was reported that the national team did not train for two days, and its head coach Martin Lasarte could resign against the background of the incident. According to one version, the coach of “La Roja” allegedly threatened extreme measures if the is tried to hush up. However, there were initially enough inconsistencies in the whole story.

For example, the journalists accompanying the team filmed on Sunday both the moment of the departure of the national team for training and the process of boarding the bus completely unperturbed Vidal and Medel, who, according to rumors, was almost threatened with suspension from the national team.

Perhaps it would be right to invite one of the suspects to the press conference on the eve of the match with Uruguay, and so others had to take the rap for them. At the same time, Lasarte did not confirm the version about the party and the with the players but admitted the fact of violation of discipline. It was about the visit of a barber, as stated in a press release issued in advance by the Chilean Football Federation.

“That worried me enough. It was a mistake that can be corrected, ” Lasarte said.

As you can see from Lasarte’s speech, everything was not as reported by the press. And, in particular, the Spanish Marca, with the news of which everything began. At the same time, the publication AS Chile, whose representative is next to the national team, chose a balanced position, even before the press conference, saying: there is only an official version about the violation of discipline by six football players and the visit of a barber who previously did a PCR test. But, as the federation acknowledged, in any case, it violated CONMEBOL’s security protocol.

“There is indiscipline in life in general, a person is prone to mistakes, and the best of all this is to learn from falls and mistakes. It is important to be able to recognize them. If you make a mistake once, don’t make that mistake again, don’t sin again,” said national team captain Claudio Bravo.

The goalkeeper also said that on Saturday there was no team training for security reasons, the players in the hotel were engaged individually, waiting for the results of tests, which eventually turned out to be negative.

In general, there are big doubts that the sex actually was. Skeptics, of course, recall that the story with the haircut was not recognized immediately, but after the photos and videos surfaced on the network, but many agree that the news story is fake. And for a reason, at the press conference of the Chileans, there were words that everyone was ready for the game, with the exception of Alexis Sanchez, who was taken out of the application before the start of the tournament due to an injury. And Vidal sent a signal to the fans, shooting a video where he pulls up on the horizontal bar and wrote: “Ready for tomorrow!»

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