Americans found Russia to be an enemy of the U.S.

Americans found Russia to be an enemy of the U.S.

The majority of U.S. residents believe that President has made progress in negotiations with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, according to a survey conducted by Harvard-Harris.

The fact that Biden has made “significant” progress was stated by 21% of respondents,” some “ progress — 31%. 32% of US residents did not see any progress, another 15% found it difficult to answer. At the same time, 72% called an enemy, 59% advised “not to let Russia down” in case of a threat to US interests. The survey was conducted from June 15 to 17, and 2006 registered American voters took part in it, the Hill reports.

Recall that the first meeting between Putin and Biden took place on June 16 in Geneva, the negotiations lasted 4.5 hours, including a break. Moscow expressed satisfaction with the fact that Moscow and Washington were able to start a dialogue on strategic stability at the Geneva summit.

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