Amazon’s revenue in the third quarter was $96.1 billion

The American corporation Amazon recorded revenue of $96.1 billion in the third quarter of this year. This is evidenced by the corporate reports published on Thursday.

In the three-month period ending September 30, the company’s revenue increased by 37% compared to the results of the third quarter of 2019. Over the same period last year, the company recorded revenue of $70 billion. This year, revenue exceeded analysts’ expectations, according to which it should have amounted to no more than $92.7 billion.

Amazon’s profit was $6.3 billion, or $12.37 per share. Sales in North America were up 39% and worldwide sales were up 37%. Demand for Amazon services has grown significantly in light of the novel coronavirus pandemic. American entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, who is the head of Amazon, noted that the company has created at least 400,000 new jobs since the beginning of the year.

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