Air leak on ISS accelerated fivefold

The rate of air loss increased to 1.4 kilograms per day, so re-isolation of the crew was required, the source claims.

The air leakage rate on the International Station has increased fivefold in recent months. This required the crew on one of the ISS segments to be isolated twice to determine the location of the leak, a source in the rocket and space industry said on Monday, September 28.

“When the leak was recorded in September 2019, the station was losing 270 grams of air per day. In August, the first isolation of the ISS crew was carried out, because the rate of leakage doubled to 540 grams per day. And in September, the rate of air loss increased by 2.5 times — up to 1.4 kilograms per day, so re-isolation of the crew was required, “the source said.

The press service of Roscosmos reported that nothing threatens the safety of the ISS crew and the station itself.

“The flight control group of the Russian segment of the ISS together with foreign partners is analyzing the situation,” the source said.

The agency claims that the re-isolation of the crew on the Russian segment was carried out this weekend and should be completed today.

But according to Business Insider, no air leaks were found in the US segment of the ISS. The publication names the Russian modules Star and (or) Poisk as probable sources of air losses.

“There are only two modules left that could have leaked: those that the crew did not check, because they were inside them, watching the rest of the station,” the newspaper writes.

Now on the ISS are Russian cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Wagner, as well as the American astronaut Christopher Cassidy.

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