Adolescent supporters of the IG who were preparing the attack were arrested in Europe

The Belgian police have arrested two teenage supporters of the terrorist group “Islamic State”, who were about to stage a terrorist attack. Reported by The Brussels Times.

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The minors were caught in the city of Eupen in the province of Liege. One of them is 16 years old, the other is 17. According to the police, they swore allegiance to IS through the Internet and intended to attack the police. It is reported that the European country has declared “average”, the second of four, the level of the terrorist threat.

As it became known to the publication, the attackers were arrested on Sunday, November 1 — that is, the day before the in Vienna, Austria.

Earlier it was reported that 14 people were detained in the case of the in Vienna. Among them are citizens of Bangladesh, North Macedonia, Turkey, Austria, and Russia. Their age is from 18 to 26 years old.

The shooting in the Austrian capital began on the evening of November 2: the first shots were fired at about 20:00 local time at the synagogue in the city center. It was reported that almost simultaneously with this, several more people opened fire in other places. Later it became known that the security forces managed to shoot one of the attackers, others are being sought.

Four people became victims of the terrorist attack. The Viennese terrorist acted alone. According to media reports, the eliminated intruder is a 20-year-old Vienna native Kurtin S.

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