A young man was jailed in France for threatening to kill a teacher

In France, a 19-year-old young man was sentenced to one and a half years in prison. The guy threatened to kill the lyceum teacher, “like Samuel Pati” — the teacher who was killed and beheaded by an Islamic terrorist.

The newspaper Le Figaro reported, citing the Nice prosecutor’s office, that a young man, previously out of sight of law enforcement, had spread the threat on social media. In court, the guy tried to justify himself by saying that it was a joke intended for a friend.

The young man, having seen information on that a 30-year-old teacher demanded an explanation from the students suspected of cheating on the exam, found the teacher’s private account. Then he posted a death threat there.

In addition, according to the message, the teacher of the Lyceum had to die just like the teacher Samuel Pati in the city of Conflans-Saint-Honorine.

The teacher’s lawyer said in court that his client, after receiving the threat, went through two very difficult weeks. He was forced to suspend and remove his name from the mailbox while the police identified the attacker.

Under the law, the defendant faced up to seven years in prison for publicly justifying terrorist acts and threatening death using electronic means.

Let us remind you that the reaction of the French President to a brutal crime in the suburbs of Paris, where a Muslim beheaded teacher Samuel Pati, who showed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, shook almost the entire Muslim world.

emphasized that he is sympathetic to the anger of Muslims over the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, but violence over cartoons cannot be justified.

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