A proven way to protect yourself from coronavirus

Scientists at the University of Birmingham in the UK have shown that taking vitamin D when it is deficient can be a way to protect yourself from coronavirus infection. They found that healthcare workers who became isolated after developing symptoms of were more likely to suffer from vitamin deficiencies.

The researchers analyzed blood samples from 392 healthcare workers for antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 and vitamin D. 55 percent of the people had antibodies to the coronavirus, and 61 percent were vitamin-deficient. However, those with the deficiency were more likely to report symptoms such as aches, body pain, or fever. This indicates that vitamin D deficiency increases susceptibility to the virus.

Earlier, researchers from Boston University School of Medicine found that among patients infected with coronavirus with normal levels of vitamin D in the blood, there are significantly fewer serious cases and deaths. Adequate vitamin D can help prevent complications such as cytokine storms.

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