A new dangerous virus has attacked tens of thousands of Windows computers

Many computers running Windows have become victims of the attack of the new version of the dangerous Purple Fox virus. This is reported in the release of the organization in the field of cybersecurity GuardiCore.

It is noted that previously malicious software (software) was distributed using sets of exploits and phishing emails, and now it has received a worm-like module. As a result, infecting one device enables Purple Fox to scan and attack other Windows systems available on the network.

According to experts, since May 2020, the number of attacks by the new version of the malware has increased by 600 percent, reaching tens of thousands. Earlier, GuardiCore employees recorded more than 90 thousand attacks on users. The researchers also believe that were able to inject dangerous software on nearly two thousand compromised servers.

Purple Fox is designed to be safe from the victim. For example, after infecting a computer, the software launches a rootkit — a set of software tools that mask the actions of the malware.

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