A German doctor in Majorca gave tourists negative tests for Covid-19 for 80 euros

A German family doctor in Majorca issued holiday-makers certificates of a negative test result for Covid-19, without conducting the test itself.

This is reported by the publication Focus.

The  testing centers in Majorca for vacationers are now overcrowded.

Those who have a positive result are not allowed to fly home — such a person must go to a quarantined hotel.

A German family doctor on the island apparently decided to take advantage of this testing problem without testing it, he issued the vacationers a certificate of negative testing. For one certificate, he charged a fee of 80 euros.

This certificate, in particular, was received by the author of investigative journalism, who filmed the process with a hidden camera.

The family doctor now refuses to comment on the charges against him.

Despite all the calls to refrain from traveling and strict requirements for holidaymakers in Majorca — curfews, food restrictions and testing-thousands of tourists flew to Majorca at the beginning of the Easter holidays.

Only on Saturday, March 27, 2021, 60 planes from arrived in the capital of the island of Palma.

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