A Belgian official has unveiled the prices for vaccines against coronavirus

Belgian Budget Secretary of State Eva De Blecker has declassified the country’s procurement plan for coronavirus vaccines, which includes prices. The European Union, however, forbids the publication of the cost.

According to HLN, the official posted on Twitter all the information about the cost of each vaccine and how much Belgium would pay in total for each type of vaccine. She did so after criticism from the opposition N-VA party, which said it had not budgeted for coronavirus vaccines.

“This year, 33.5 million doses of vaccines are going to be purchased. And we are going to pay a total of €279 million for that. In 2021, another €500 million will be allocated for the purchase of additional vaccines if necessary,” De Blecker wrote and published a table with all the data. But she deleted it after half an hour.

The published data included the following purchase prices: one dose of AstraZeneca vaccine will cost 1.78 euros, Johnson & Johnson — $8.5, Sanofi and GSK — 7.56 euros, BioNTech and Pfizer — 12 euros, CureVac — 10 euros, Moderna — $18.

The Secretary of State said after the incident that the publication of the table was a “mistake by the communications team,” but noted that this accidental disclosure of prices did not jeopardize Belgium’s access to vaccines.

The EU said it would not comment on what happened in Belgium because vaccine prices are confidential. Europe keeps all vaccine prices secret, explaining it as a contractual secret.

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