68 thousand doses of the vaccine have gone bad in Estonia

68 thousand doses of the vaccine have gone bad in Estonia

More than 68 thousand doses of the AstraZeneca intended for donation to other countries have become unusable due to an increase in the temperature in the refrigerator of the Estonian Health Department.

This is reported by Delfi.

Minister of Health and Labor Tanel Kiik said that a special commission will be created to investigate the incident. He said that this case is very serious, and the was not intended for domestic use, so the coronavirus process will not be affected.

Kiik stressed that we are talking about a new building and new freezing rooms, to which the Health Department moved in 2017, so, in his words, the incident with the failure of the cooling system was a complete surprise.

“On the morning of June 25, an employee of the Health Department found that the temperature in the cold rooms was elevated. The temperature has been rising since June 22. There should have been a notification about this. It is not known why it did not come,” Deputy Minister Marie — Anne Sharma said.

According to her, most of the spoiled vaccine is the AstraZeneca vaccine, but there were also vaccines intended for the state immunization plan.

“Currently, the Health Department has a very small number of vaccines for the state plan. The Health Department is looking for solutions to cope with a possible shortage, ” Kharma said.

The confirmed damage is 1.15 million euros, but this amount may grow.

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