6,000 euros for the lack of a PCR test: Spain introduced new requirements for tourists

It is better not to go to Spain without a negative test result

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From November 23, many foreigners who come to Spain from abroad will be required to have negative results of a PCR test for coronavirus, otherwise, they may face fines of up to 6 thousand euros.

According to la Vanguardia, this was announced on November 13 by the Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of Arancia Gonzalez Lagu, calling it “serious deterrent fines.”

In addition to such harsh measures, visitors will still be forced to pass an expert test for COVID-19.

However, such a prescription will affect only those travelers who come from countries with a high spread infection.

At the same time, Laya noted that most EU countries have already introduced similar measures, although the proportion of infected travelers is very small.

According to her, since July of this year, about 5.2 million travelers have entered Spain, of which only 4.8 thousand (0.08%) were infected.

Recall, despite the difficult situation with the coronavirus, a wave of protests against quarantine restrictions took place in Spain.

As we already wrote, Spain became the first country in the European Union, where more than 1 million cases of coronavirus infection were recorded. Now in this country, there are more than 1.43 million cases of infection, of which 40.4 thousand were fatal.

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