14 missiles hit a base with the U.S. military in Iraq

14 missiles hit a base with the U.S. military in Iraq

At least 14 missiles hit an Iraqi airbase hosting American and other international forces, injuring two people.

This was stated by the US-led coalition, according to Reuters.

Two people were slightly injured in a rocket attack on the Ein al-Asad airbase in western Iraq, said US Army Colonel Wayne Marotto, a spokesman for the coalition. At first, he reported three wounded. The missiles landed both on the base itself and on its perimeter.

Iraqi military sources said a rocket launcher mounted on the back of a truck was used during Wednesday’s attack on the Ein al-Asad airbase and was found on farmland nearby.

So far, none of the organizations has claimed responsibility for the attacks, which were part of a recent wave of attacks directed against American troops or areas where they operate in and Syria.

On Tuesday, a drone attacked the Erbil airport in northern Iraq, hitting the American base at the airport.

On Monday, three rockets also landed at the Ein al-Asad base, not causing casualties.

Iraqi militants linked to Iran have vowed revenge after four of their members were killed in US strikes on the Iraqi-Syrian border last month.

Iran denies US accusations of supporting attacks on US forces in and while condemning US airstrikes against militants supported by Iran.

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